Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to Little Runners, we hope you love our website! After a few months of planning and hard work, we have just launched our new website and are very excited about our new venture. We have a lot going on at Little Runners, and this is our first blog post!

We are a family run business and are working with schools, families and communities to encourage children to participate in sporting activities as well promoting safety and the well-being of children. We want you to get involved and love to hear feedback about our new website.

Our Little Runners Blog is an extension to our site, where you will be able to learn and read further about topics around children’s health, fitness and general well-being, as well as government guidelines. We would also welcome feedback on our posts and areas of interest that may interest you as a parent, teacher or school leader. We will be updating this blog regularly so that you do not miss out important news and the latest from Little Runners. You can also sign up to our newsletter.

You will be able to find useful information about Little Runners and our events and activities throughout the year on our website. You will also be able to keep up-to-date with the latest at Little Runners by following our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

We are currently working with schools providing breakfast and afterschool provision care for young children providing activities to children in a safe and happy environment. We are looking forward to extending our club provision to after school at Little Ealing Primary School.

If you are a school seeking to provide a different club, then do get in touch! You can browse our website and timetable to see what activities we offer. We would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for your on-going support and look forward to working with schools, parents and communities.


Managing Director,



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